Hardware and Networking

The V S Infotech Service Center offers a full range of hardware repair and maintenance services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Below are our Services

• Computer Setup

• Computer Tune-up

• Data Backup or Transfer

• Data Recovery

• Device Setup

• Email Setup

• Hardware Install

• Hardware Repair

• Operating System Install

• Printer Setup

• Printer Troubleshooting

• Software Install & Setup

• Technology Consultation

• Training

• Virus & Spyware Removal

• Wireless Networking


Network Management

The main benefit of networking the businesses computers and information is that business processes are speeded up and inefficiencies are squeezed out. This is because information flows more freely.

Communication between employees, customers and suppliers can be improved. Everything happens much faster. All kinds of documents - from emails to spreadsheets and product specs - can be exchanged rapidly between networked users.

Network Management Services

• Network Installations

• Internet Access

• Maintenance/Troubleshooting

• Design Consultation Services

• Remote Administration

• Onsite Network Management

• Disaster Recovery Plan

• Client Productivity is up

• Operating System Install

• Overheads are reduced by less repetition of work

• Less “Down Time” and support calls

• Increased power & speed available on all Client PC’s

• Sharing of resources like printers and files


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