Career Consulting -

We offer a wide array of services ranging from career counseling to visa assistance to paid internships, for students and working professionals looking for a successful careers. with affordable access to training and resources that foster the creation of new jobs.We also assist them by providing proper admission guidance. Constant research keeps our database full of latest information, which helps the students to assess the most up-to-date knowledge regarding his/her career.

offers personalized consulting to help you succeed, wherever you may be in your career.making the students aware about the latest trends in Career and Higher Education options.

We Offer

• Resume preparation

• Job search strategies

• Interviewing techniques

• Making a career transition

• Salary negotiation techniques

and more . . .



Professional Development

Leadership Skills : opportunity to learn essential skills to strengthen your competitive edge in today's global economy.The suite of courses available provides you with an opportunity to take courses in a face-to-face setting as well as online (24/7).

Professional Education

Stay current in today’s competitive marketplace! We offer in-person short courses and both live and on-demand online courses to help fit your schedule and travel budget.

Starting Your Business

start your own business is often just as scary as actually taking the plunge.Explore our topics to learn the aspects of starting a business, plus find information you need to succeed.
Thinking About Starting a Business?
Create Your Business Plan
Choose Your Business Structure
How to Register Your Business
Hire & Retain Employees